ACDC by Grow West

$10.00/Gram  $35.00/Eighth  $70.00/Quarter  $135.00/Half Ounce  $265.00/Ounce  

Sativa dominant hybrid | CBD = 20.5% l THC = 0.8% | Top terpene = b-Myrcene 1.15% | Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Focused

Product Description

ACDC is a sativa-dominant phenotype of the high-CBD cannabis strain, Cannatonic. One remarkable characteristic of ACDC is its THC:CBD ratio of 1:20, meaning this strain induces little to no intoxicating effects. This strain helps many patients treat pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy, all with a clear head.



Cannatonic By Curio


CBD = 18.7% l THC = 0.5% l Top terpene: b-Myrcene 1.02% l Effects: Rel...