Hanis Diamonds 1g by Grassroots

1.0g, THC: 1.00%, THCA: 93.20%

Product Description

This heavyweight Hybrid delivers a euphoric relaxation that uplifts your mood.

Source: https://maryjaneofmaryland.com/hanis-by-grassroots-cannabis/


Angus Diamonds & Sauce by OG Clear

Live Concentrate THC=96.00%


by Grassroots

Bubblegum Diesel DabTabs 0.5g by Nature's Heritage

Hybrid l Sativa Dominant l THCa =80.0% l Effects: Uplifted, Happy, Rel...

Grapefruitz HTFSE by Evermore

THC: 92.96% Terpene: 6.31%

Grease Monkey 1g Budder by gLeaf

Hybrid | Indica-Dominant | Total THC = 72.5%; Terpenes = 5.85

Mai Tai 1g Budder by GLeaf

Hybrid l Total THC = 70.8%; Terpenes = 5.31% Effects: Uplifted, Focus...

Oro Blanco DabTabs by Nature's Heritage

Hybrid l Indica Dominant l THC= 76.2% Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplif...

Pelirroja Live Budder 1.0g by Grassroots

THC: 1.10%, THCA: 76%,

Purple Obeah Live Resin 0.5g by Evermore

Purple Obeah is the mouthwatering cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie.

Solventless 0.5g THCa Isolate

THCa %97.97

Southwest Stomper x Willie's Wonder Diamonds & Sauce

Southwest Stomper x Willie's Wonder is an indica leaning hybrid with a...

Stardawg 1g Budder by gLeaf

Hybrid | Total THC = 82.15%; Terpenes = 8.19%

Strawberry Fields Diamonds & Sauce

Strawberry Fields is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that takes the f...

Wounded Warriors Breath Badder 1g by Strane

Indica | Total THC = 77.4%; Terpenes = 4.40%